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Family of Charles W. FIELDS , Jr and Vilma J. SCRUGGS

Husband: Charles W. FIELDS , Jr (1927- )
Wife: Vilma J. SCRUGGS (1929-2007)
Children: Albert C. FIELDS (1949- )
DeNeese FIELDS (1950- )
Anthony A. "Tony" FIELDS (1953-2006)
Vincent K. FIELDS (1956-2006)

Husband: Charles W. FIELDS , Jr

Name: Charles W. FIELDS , Jr
Sex: Male
Father: Charles W. FIELDS , Sr (1903-1949)
Mother: Mamie Irene Kyle FIELDS (1905-1969)
Birth 26 Apr 1927 Chattanooga, TN

Wife: Vilma J. SCRUGGS



Name: Vilma J. SCRUGGS
Sex: Female
Father: Newton A. SCRUGGS (1906-1991)
Mother: Josephine COLEMAN (1911-1968)
Birth 27 Feb 1929 Chattanooga, TN
Death 3 Jul 2007 (age 78)

Child 1: Albert C. FIELDS


Albert C. FIELDS


Spouse: Audrey G. FIELDS

Name: Albert C. FIELDS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Audrey G. FIELDS (1950-2011)
Birth 24 Oct 1949 Des Moines, IA
1962 - took part in sit-in demonstration at SW Cafeteria with three others.
1963 - One of 10 black students that were the first to integrate Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga. Attended the school for one year.
1967- First musician from Riverside High School to be selected to All-State Band. Recorded on an album for state and regional bands.
1973 - First full-time disc jockey to work on WFLI radio, Chattanooga, TN (known as Quincy Lane on the Disco Train on the radio).
Professional Volleyball Ref for twenty years. Received national certification in 2000.
2003-2004 Presented and facilitated sessions on White Privilege. Presented at White Privilege conference.

Child 2: DeNeese FIELDS

Name: DeNeese FIELDS
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Oct 1950 Nashville, TN

Child 3: Anthony A. "Tony" FIELDS


Anthony A. "Tony" FIELDS

Name: Anthony A. "Tony" FIELDS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Hoyland FIELDS (1954- )
Birth 27 Mar 1953 Inianapolis, IN
Death 4 Aug 2006 (age 53) Chattanooga, TN

Child 4: Vincent K. FIELDS


Vincent K. FIELDS

Name: Vincent K. FIELDS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Valerie "Dee" FIELDS ( - )
Spouse 2: Tawanna WOODS ( - )
Birth 18 May 1956 Chattanooga, TN
Death 23 Nov 2006 (age 50)