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Washington Scruggs One of the patriarchs of the Scruggs family of Scruggs Town – later called Hill City – now known as North Chattanooga

Is this where we all began?

Wash Scruggs

Wash Scruggs is called the Patriarch of the Scruggs Family out of Chattanooga, TN.  He is supposed to have started our family life in Greenville, TN, a small town in east Tennessee.  Our story began long before Wash Scruggs ended up in Greenville.  The court records in that little town show that Jerry Scruggs, born 1795, is listed in the obituary of Wash Scruggs as his father.  Jerry Scruggs is the last name listed on the 1870 census.    There is more to learn for we have only scratched the surface.

Could Wash Scruggs ever imagined as he made his way from Greenville, TN to Chattanooga that there would one day be a Scruggs family as we are? Did he ever imagine that seven generations later we would tell the stories so that sevven generations to come would know the history, the tradition and the legacy of the Scruggs family?

Like Branches On A Tree, We all grow in many directions, but our roots remain the same.

Here are some current events that you will want to know about.


Family Reunion 2020

We are so excited about the 2020 Scruggs Family Reunion, hosted by yours truly, the C TEAM! Here you will find important information and updates regarding this momentous event. We can't wait to see you all there...let the countdown begin!


Bryant Signs Deal

Bryant (Scruggs) Taylorr signed a big record deal in 2019. Prescription Records and SYZYGY Management said it was a pleasure working with Bryant, who represents the burgeoning urban talent in Music City.


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The First Family Reunion

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