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July 10 - 14, 2013, the Scruggs family gathered together once again for fun, fellowship and, of course, food.  The Chattanooga Crew organized the event with some surprises for us all. 

Events for the Reunion

Eating is a tried and true event for the Scruggs, so it is fitting that the first activity of the reunion was -- you guessed it, eating. We started Wednesday with an early dinner to finalize plans as family members began to arrive from all across the country.  Members of the family came by planes, trains, cars and one family member road a bus for 18 hrs just to make the reunion.  What does that tell you about the Scruggs family? Thursday night’s event  was -- eating again.  Yes, there was the old, favorite fish fry, held this year at Benny and Geraline Scruggs’s house.  Thursday night is the tune up party for the weekend and you get lots, and lots of (tall) stories about family members and past famous and some infamous deeds.

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The Family Reunion Was A Blast

July 10 - 14, 2013
See Family Notables for 2013 The First Reunion in Chattanooga - l to r Booker T, Ordee, Oto, Clara, Hattie, Della, and Newton Scruggs brothers and sisters
Photography by Aaron Ellison
Photography by Aaron Ellison
Photography by Aaron Ellison
< Photography by Aaron Ellison

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